Barbecues, Baseball and Brett Favre

June 9

What’s your desert island food?

First of all it’s a stupid question because if you’re on a desert island your food sources are probably … sand … palm leaves … and whatever crawls on shore.

If I could have one food, though, it would be barbecue anything.  Like the kind Lester the caterer brought into the KNBR studios today.  I might even eat squid if it had KC Barbecue on it … well I’d at least slurp off the sauce.  

Lester lost a football bet to Fitz and Brooks, and we were all the winners.  Any day you can scarf food meant for someone else, is a good day.

My desert island drink might be a Mai Tai from PF Chang’s.  I had one Sunday, and a dentist could have drilled without novocaine and I wouldn’t have cared.



Baseball’s first year player draft … the biggest crapshoot in the world … is underway this afternoon.  Someone is actually going to pay tens of millions of dollars to someone who hasn’t thrown a pitch in professional ball.  Stephen Strasburg has been labeled “can’t-miss” but there is no such thing.   That is, unless he’s Casey the robot from “The Twilight Zone”  (before Casey was given a heart and then became too compassionate to strike anyone out ).   It is far more likely that Strasburg will blow his arm out and that a 12th round pick will someday win the Cy Young. 

This is madness, but it’s also the market.

The same can be said of the Brett Favre saga.  Favre is a drama queen, but he is not totally blameless.  As long as some team wants to pay him to play, what’s to discourage him from waiting until June or July to decide whether to return?  If I’m 39 and a football player, I probably don’t feel like playing in March, but if I rest a few months and the Vikings want to pay me 10-million plus, I come back.  Now there are reports his family has booked hotel rooms in Green Bay for Novemer 1st, when the Vikings play at Lambeau.   They can still back out, but I’d bet on Favre returning, even if he lets the Vikings’ so-called “deadline” pass next week.  Even now he can make the Vikes better and they know it.

Some barbecued ribs are now calling my name.  Practically mocking me.  I must go.  It’s madness, but that’s the market.

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