D-Fish and John Daly

June 12

Sometimes sports is very simple.  We in sportstalk like to look deeper to show everyone how analytical we are, but Game 4 of the NBA finals came down to this.  The Magic missed seven free throws in the 4th quarter.  The team that can shoot three’s couldn’t shoot one’s.  If they make just 11 of 17  free throws they’re even 2-2.   Dwight Howard may be a Superman someday, if he ever learns how to shoot from the line, but that day isn’t here yet. Free throws aren’t sexy … it’s like talking about special teams in football or defense in baseball … but are often the difference.

Another reason the Lakers won — experience.  Stan Van Gundy can pooh-pooh that notion if he wants but I think it was huge.  Derek Fisher goes 0 for 5 from three point range but then makes the two most important three’s.  On the game-tying three,  Jameer Nelson was  laying back, allowing Fisher to do what he has done so many times.  The Magic don’t have a guy who has done what D-Fish does, at least not as many times as he has.

Finally, Fisher was allowed to shoot because Nelson and others were told not to foul.  Why wouldn’t you with five seconds to go?  The Lakers would have probably run out of time.  Stan Van Gundy says he regrets not fouling, “but only in retrospect.”  I think you can only regret something in retrospect.  In retrospect, coach, you handed the game to the Lakers.

I believe this is called … (cough cough ) … well, put it this way … the Magic’s halftime entertainment should be Lady Gag-Gag, singing “Choke-er Face.”

The series was over with LA up 2-0, now it’s really over. 

Kobe could be seen wiping his brow and looking over at Tiger Woods and saying “phew.” 

Tiger and his wife Elin were courtside, and of course they are Orlando residents.  The shot of Tiger and Elin answered a question I asked earlier this week about Florida.  Why would anyone want to live there?  So they don’t have to pay about ten-mill in state income taxes.  I’d put up with mosquitoes for that.

Meanwhile, everybody’s favorite Redneck is back on the course, and he is burning my retinas.  The PGA’s code of conduct might have kept John Daly off the tour for six months, but there is apparently no dress code.  He looked like a key lime pie Thursday at the St. Jude in Memphis.  Meanwhile Daly got a restraining order against one of his ex-wives.  I swear I can’t make this stuff up.  Kenny Chesney will be singing about it soon.

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