Monta, Updated and Sacramento, Revisited

June 19

               Monta Ellis is still “a Warriors” and will remain “a Warriors.”  Monta says he’s not sure where all the Internet reports came from, but he says they didn’t come from him.  He told KNBR he’s not unhappy with the Warriors, is not insecure about the draft, and is not demanding  a trade.  Monta says the meeting  with Coach Don Nelson andGeneral Manager Larry Riley was set up  to discuss his leadership role with the team, not to get assurances the team would not draft a point guard.

             A cynical person might say Monta may be telling the truth  — those reports might not have come from him, but his agent.   A cynical person might say bad blood was spilled after Monta was fined and suspended in the wake of his moped-related ankle injury,and the departure of Monta’s guy Chris Mullin left him feeling unloved by the Warriors’ front office.

             A cynical person might say that, but I’m not cynical.

            I’ll take Monta at his word for now — unless the W’s draft a guard and Monta is suddenly traded.   For now Monta says he’s been told the team is in his hands.  Is the team in good hands?   I remain unconvinced that Monta can be a pure point guard, and I want to see him back at 100 percent.  I think he would flourish with a true point guard, as he did when Baron Davis was “a Warriors.”   By draft or trade or free agency, the Warriors need a distributor and decision-maker for all these two’s and three’s who can shoot,  but they also need a rebounder to get the ball to that point guard in the first  place.


             Nothing’s better than a pleasant surprise.    I had one last night in, of all places, West Sacramento.   I know I’m late to the game, but I had never been to Raley Field, home of the Sacramento RiverCats, the Oakland Athletics’ Triple-A Pacific Coast League Club.  

             The park was spacious, clean,in a nice setting near the Sacramento River, had friendly staff and had good ‘sight-lines.  It looks like a mini-major league park.   

            I got tickets from mydaughter and got to be a fan for one warm, beautiful night.   We had a good time, and I found myself imaging how Raley could be expanded for a major league park.    There is space to do so, but access to the field from nearby roadways would  have to be upgraded, as would parking.   I was thinking like a major league  club owner, but I don’t know if I was thinking like Lewis Wolff. 

           Is Sacramento a logical destination for the A’s?   I doubt the corporate and economic base is there but nearby baseball fans would LOOOOVE it.   Just a thought.  I know the A’s want to try to crack that San Jose nut first.   That’s where Wolff’s real estate interest already resides.  We’ll see what MLB says about the Giants’ territorial rights down the road.

          As for the game, the RiverCats waltzed to a win over the Salt Lake Bees.   Former Angels’ closer Jose Arredondo, sent down because of his arsonist tendencies on the mound in Anaheim, brought the gas can to the PCL as well — he gave up a key three-run double by Cliff Pennington that broke the game open in the 7th.  Brian Fuentes’ job is safe for now.

                                                  —  30 —

One Response to “Monta, Updated and Sacramento, Revisited”

  1. Don Says:

    Ray, I agree about Raley Field. I have been there on a couple of occasions, mostly to watch the Fresno Grizzlies but I was impressed with how nice the park was. You should venture to Stockton some time and take in a game at the home of the Ports, Banner Island Ballpark. For a single A park it is very nice and a fun place to watch a game.

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