We’ll See, Said The Zen Master And Other Draft Musings

June 26

          Give it up for the NBA.  It’s the first week of summer and we’re talking hoops thanks to the draft.  Of course, the season lasted until mid-June.

          I like the Warriors getting Stephen Curry at #7.  I think of all the players still on the board and available, he will have the best NBA career.  He already has unlimited shooting range and smarts, he just needs to bulk up a bit.  It’s a man’s league, as you well know.

         ( James Brown once sang, “This Is A Man’s World,” but then said “it wouldn’t be nothin’ without a woman or a girl,” as you also well know. )

        I know the Warriors needed a power forward, but they also needed a point guard.  They can get a “4” later.  Curry was the most interesting player still out there.  I don’t think he and Monta Ellis are mutually exclusive.  They can be combo 1/2 guards depending on the situation.  I am worried about him playing defense against the bigger guards in the NBA, but that’s nothing new for the Warriors.

        Now come the reports that the Warriors are hot on Amare Stoudamire’s heels.  26 year old player, 40 year old knees, but still a force.  Depending on which source you believe, the Warriors are supposed to deal Andris Biedrins and any three of the following:  Curry, Marco Belinelli, Brandan Wright, Kelenna Azubuike, Manute Bol, Jeff Mullins, Larry Smith, Tom Tolbert, Clyde Lee, or Mookie Blaylock.

        If Curry’s involved, I don’t do this deal.  I think he might be able to work in tandem with Ellis and the Warriors can still obtain a banger this summer.   The Warriors are saying they plan to have Curry around for a decade, if Chris Cohan hasn’t augured in the franchise all the way to China by then.  If he has, there’s a rich talent pool yet to be tapped in the land of Yao.

       ( If Tolbert is involved, I don’t do this deal either.  He’s too good on KNBR. )

       Is Curry a good fit for the Warriors?  Will he stay with the Warriors?  Is the front office smart enough to reshape this team into a contender?  Someone is shaking the magic 8 ball right now and the answer is coming up, “all signs point to no.”  But the honest answer comes yet again from the movie, “Charlie Wilson’s War.”

      “We’ll see, said the Zen Master.”




       King of Pop update.

       Vultures were seen circling over his rented West LA home, and over the Coroner’s office today.  Vultures with mini-disc recorders and cameras, and still others with legal satchels, waiting to sue.

       If you thought the Freak Show ended when Michael shed this mortal coil, you are wrong , Play-Doh face.  ( Thanks Ed McMahon.)  The Freak Show has just begun.   And oh, what a surprise, Michael might have had his own Dr. Nick (see Elvis ) ?

        Even the Jackson jokes are already circulating.  After hearing one at my place of work today, a woman commented that Jackson might be looking down from heaven and saying in a soft voice, “that’s not nice.”   I told her if Michael Jackson is looking down from heaven, I like my chances.  And as the Righteous Brothers once sang, “If there’s a rock n’ roll heaven, you know they got a hell of a band.”  Question is, who gets first billing?  And who does the sound check?

         Look, given his set of circumstances, would any of us have turned out more normal than Michael?  The fish bowl he was tossed into at a very young age was petri dish for his peccadilloes.  His unusual upbringing would manifest itself in many hilarious and strange ways later. 

           I mean, Elvis wasn’t exactly squared away, either.  The Beatles might have emerged somewhat well-adjusted because they had each other to help them deal with the mania.

          To a lesser extent, athletes deal with the same thing.  Like many of these stars they’ve had someone tell them how great they are since they were kids, have had someone leeching off of them ( often parents ) and have dealt with false adulation, albeit for a lot of money.  Think about that the next time you heckle an athlete or try to sniff their jock.  

          I think I read something in some book about not worshiping false idols …

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