Get a Haircut, And Get a Real Job

June 30

            Ahhh, one of my favorite George Thorogood songs.  To be honest I can’t say there are many of them.  ” In The Night Time” and “One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer’ are also on the short list.  That’s about it.

           Back to the topic.  I think about the song, “Get A Haircut, and Get A Real Job” when watching Tim Lincecum.  Of course, he’s got a real job.  A REAL GOOD job, although he’s underpaid.  That will be taken care of soon, but when does “The Franchise” say hello to Mr. Scissors?

           A bigger question:  should we care?

           As a child of the 60’s I can’t criticize anyone for long hair.  My hair was once as long as Tim’s.  I couldn’t pull off the look now.  Balding guy-pony tail is a bad combination.  I’ve got a neighbor sporting that look right now.  I don’t have the heart to tell him how it looks.  Plus it’s a little game I play:  how long before he looks in the mirror?

           It certainly looks a lot less silly on “The Freak” because he’s one of baseball’s best pitchers, but the longer his flowing mane grows, the more he’s saying “look at me.”  That seems very much unlike the unassuming guy we have come to love.  

          I know, even bringing this up makes me sound like the old man on the porch, but I’m certain I’m not the first to talk about this.  I’m certain hecklers have already come up with the “Hey, Fabio” catcalls.  If they have, it seems to roll off Tim like water off a duck’s back.

           But as sure as water seeks its own level, hair seeks its own length.  Everyone eventually grows up.  Johnny Damon is proof of that.  I pray that someday Manny will have a meeting with some shears instead of a needle.  Barry Zito once sported the long locks.  That would be an especially bad idea for him now.  I’ve got the feeling that someday, Lincecum will mature, maybe as part of a SuperCuts endorsement deal.

             Truthfully, it only bothers me to the extent that I have to watch him every game, and right now his pitching is so brilliant it’s only a minor annoyance.  But the longer the hair grows the more it becomes an issue.

             Then again, Lincecum could answer with an old song of his own.   I believe the great Bobby Brown sang, “My Prerogative.”


2 Responses to “Get a Haircut, And Get a Real Job”

  1. Don Says:

    Very nice Ray. I agree that the long hair does not work for me either and I totally agree with you about the balding guy with the pony tail. YUCK! I could sport that look myself but my wife and daughter would kill me, that is if I did not kill myself first! I too hope he cuts his long locks but as long as he keeps pitching the way he is it will be nothing more than a minor annoyance. Being from the Seattle area, maybe that is the thing.

  2. Don Says:

    Also, nice George Thorogood reference! That is going Old School!

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