Tales From I-5

July 1

              We got into a brief conversation about California’s Autobahn today as I subbed for Ralph and Tom on KNBR.

              I-5 always pushes people’s buttons.  I proclaimed today that if I ran for Governor, I’d make it three lanes in both directions through the valley. Of course the state is broke and there are apparently all kinds of critters who stand in the way.  One caller said I-5 corridor landowners generally favor widening the road, but the San Joaquin Kit Fox and the Delta Smelt are obstacles.  It’s their habitat, dammit. 

               Never mind that a highway is already there.  I guess the environmental groups don’t want further disturbance.   So widening is not in the cards.  We’re stuck with two lanes, both ways, on the major north-south highway in a state with 38 million people.  Great.

               Well if that’s the case, allow me to reiterate a couple of road rules.

               If you’re in the left lane and vehicles are coming up behind you, get the -F- out of the way.  If you’re going slower than most everyone, you should stay in the right lane.  Otherwise, you’re a one-car traffic jam, and a selfish ass on top of that.

              I don’t care if the vehicles going up behind you are breaking the speed limit.  You’re not the CHP.  It isn’t up to you to get in someone’s way because they might be guilty of an infraction.

               Too many times on my trip up and down I-5, I encountered people going slow (relatively speaking) in the left lane, and they had room to move over.  But no, they weren’t giving up their turf. 

               If you’re too ignorant to understand that the left lane is not the slow lane, get off the highway.  If you know that the left lane is not the slow lane, and you still won’t give way, get off the highway.  Capiche?

              Tailgaiting and flashing headlights isn’t cool either.  It amounts to silly macho grand-standing.  If all you tailgaters really cared about being slowed down, you wouldn’t STAY behind a slow vehicle and try to make a big show.  It’s more about you trying to exert some imaginary power over another motorist.  Just drive around them, even if it shouldn’t be necessary.

             As for you left-lane slow-pokes:  it’s not a sign of weakness to move over, it’s just basic, simple courtesy.  The person passing you may be an a-hole, and might be breaking the law, but it’s not your job to get in the way.

             I know.  Absolutely nothing will change on I-5 because of this blog.  But I feel better, and isn’t that what a blog is all about?


One Response to “Tales From I-5”

  1. Don Says:

    Amen Ray. Reminds me of a story a few years ago about a farmer in the Fresno area who was arrested for farming his property because of some stupid long tail rats. Sometimes this State does not make sense.

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