Michael Vick, And All That Implies

July 24

             It’s going to be a bad week for me.   Michael Vick is apparently on the verge of returning to the NFL.

             It’s going to be a bad week because I’m going to hear it from my lovely wife.  She might be the biggest animal-lover this side of Joan Embry of the San Diego Zoo.  Just say ARF and she says “how high?”

            My wife is one of the sweetest people on the planet, but I believe she would like to do to Michael Vick what he and his thug-life buddies did to those dogs.   I certainly understand the way she feels.

            This is the debate we have had over the last year or so, and the debate I present to you now.  Has Michael Vick paid his debt to society, or should there be more?  Was Vick’s crime worse than that of, say, Leonard Little, who was suspended eight games after he killed a woman while driving drunk?

              Is the pre-meditated act of torturing and killing dogs on the same level as killing someone while driving drunk, as in the case of Little or Donte Stallworth?  Should someone who already lost tens of millions be deprived of returning to the NFL?

             I love animals.  Absolutely love them.  Torturing any form of life is depraved.  Studies have shown many people who purposely harm animals are more likely to hurt humans.  Michael Vick got everything he deserved.

             Michael Vick has also paid his debt to society.  If you think the penalty he paid was too light, then change the law.  I’m all for that.  In the meantime, anyone who has done his time has the right to resume his career, and should get a second chance.  He should be under close watch, but should get that chance.

             I am very surprised at reports he’s only getting a four-game suspension.  I felt he should have received at least eight games, but after that he should have an opportunity.   I’m not convinced he’s completely changed,  and the over/under on his messing up again is a very low number, but in the meantime let’s see if he’s a different man.

             It sounds like the 49ers still aren’t touching that third rail, issuing a statement saying they are still not interested.  Since Vick hasn’t played since 2006 his football value is questionable.  His talent still makes him attractive enough for someone to sign him, a talent that goes beyond mere quarterback ratings. 

           A Bay Area team probably doesn’t want to deal with the PR nightmare, but Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com told Ralph Barbieri on KNBR this afternoon the Rams are a possibility.  The Midwest would be less of a problem area than the liberal Bay Area, but here’s a little factoid:   St. Louis is the home of Purina pet food.

One Response to “Michael Vick, And All That Implies”

  1. Don Says:

    I agree with both you and your wife. Vick did terrible things and was punished and served his punishment. He deserves a second chance but in my opinion should be on a ver short leash. Any misstep and he is done. He has shown horrible judgement in the past and should not be given the opportunity to do so again. He will get another chance, I just hope he seizes the opportunity and makes the most of it. My expectations are low but he has earned the right to a second chance.

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