Garko, And So Much More

July 28

          I believe it was the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu who said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  The Giants have taken a step.

         The acquisition of Ryan Garko has already drawn the knee-jerk Brian Sabean haters.  They don’t even want to examine the deal before pronouncing it Shea Hillenbrand redux. 

         Bad Analogy!  Garko is a better player than Hillenbrand, is only 28, and is better than what the Giants have been running out at first base.  He’s not a rental, he’s someone who can help now and in the future.  He’s not an All-Star, but a reasonably productive player.

        Minor league pitcher Scott Barnes is going to the Indians and could well pitch in the major leagues someday, but he’s not the same as Jeremy Accardo, who ended up being a decent closer, for a while.  I guarantee you, if Barnes ends up being a 20-game winner in 2013, there will be someone who said “I told you so.”  That will be hilarious because nobody, I mean nobody, is predicting that for him right now.

          The acquisition of Garko helps deal with the Giants greatest weakness, but it is not enough, and I will stake the reputation of this blog ( which is none ) in saying that at least one more deal will be made by Friday’s trade deadline, perhaps as early as today.

         There are strong indications the Giants are in the mix for Freddy Sanchez, who would be a huge upgrade at second base, probably the weakest position in a weak offense.  The Nationals’ Josh Willingham is another possibility, although his stock naturally went up lastl night when he became the first major league player in six years to hit two grand slams in a game.

         Both of these moves would, again, help the team this year and in the future, and won’t cost too much.  The Giants would get a boost in the offense for the stretch drive, and for all their problems, they’re just one game out of a playoff spot.  They would also have players who can be written into the lineup for the next few years.

         They shouldn’t stop there.  I believe they could also obtain a Jarrod Washburn or someone of that ilk to help the back of the rotation, without giving up too much.  Is Randy Johnson coming back?  The magic 8 ball says “perhaps not.”

        I remember as a child, attending a UCLA football game in one of their inept years.  The offense was so bad that the cheer section came up with this gem … “1-2-3 ….  DO SOMETHING!”  Well, the Giants have done something about their inept offense, with more somethings to come.

3 Responses to “Garko, And So Much More”

  1. Bill Duncan Says:

    Hi Ray, I was bowling last night so I did not hear why Sanchez was absent from the Pirates lineup. I was thinking maybe a deal has been done, with both parties agreeing that he not be a factor in this series. Or maybe that’s just the conspiracy theorist in me coming out?

    • raywood Says:

      Sanchez isn’t long for Pittsburgh, apparently, but has a sore knee so he’s missed a few games.

  2. Fightmaster Says:

    Everyone is gun shy about Sabean trading away talent. This is a huge overreaction rooted in the Nathan deal. Bedsides Keith Folk (who was not missed because of a great trade for Robb Nen) or Nathan, name one other player that Sabean has given up that has turned anything significant? You can’t. Liriano had one great half season, and Accardo picked up a bunch of saves in Canada, and has done nothing since. I still believe in the Brian Trust.

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