Random Thoughts, From Big Papi To My New Best Friend

July 30

                  I have emerged from a golf-induced nap to find the world is still intact, with a few permutations.

                  Who’s that hiding behind those Foster Grants?  It’s Big Papi, who is using the oldest trick in the book — hiding his eyes while he lies.  Maybe he’s not an Eagles fan, because as you all know, they sang, “you can’t hide your lying eyes.”  What “information” does he need to get about his apparent positive test in 2003?  The lesson must be taught again:  ‘fess up early. 

                 This is ironic because David Ortiz in spring training called for a one-year ban for anyone caught testing positive.  Of course, he meant “testing positive after baseball started enforcing,” not 2003 as is mentioned in the New York Times report focusing on a steroid survey.  I said in the spring, on the air, that I hoped the sudden dropoff in Papi’s production wasn’t a ‘roid aftermath. 

                Plus, we find out that there was more to Manny’s story than the 50-game suspension.  It turns out Dr. Dread might have been doing a “fertility drug,” or something like that, long before last year.  ( The joke is already out there about Ortiz, that if he did a fertility drug he should be called Big Mami. )

                One might think I’m being hypocritical, as I hail from a region which included Ground Zero for steroids in Oakland, and his Royal ‘Roidness, Barry Bonds.  Not at all.   Let me repeat my slogan about Bonds :  cheated and he didn’t need to, lied and he didn’t have  to.  It’s just that now,  Boston is yet another city that cannot point a critical finger at San Francisco.  The list of teams that didn’t have “fraud” players is dwindling.  

               What’s with the leaking of the names?  Sounds like a tug-of-war between the feds who are trying to prosecute steroid distributors and the Players Union.  All the while Major League Baseball is keeping its hands off while quoting the late Freddy Prinze, who as “Chico” in “Chico and the Man” famously said, “it’s not my job, man.”

               Whatever is going on, release the names.  It might hurt the listed players for a short time, but they won’t face sanctions, and I care more about the players who didn’t use, who might be under suspicion until the list comes out.  As long as these names come out in drips and drabs, the Steroid Era will not end.


               P.S.    Jon Heyman of SI.com says the Giants are looking for another pitcher, just as we discussed Wednesday.  How about Jon Garland?  He’s making 6.2 million, is just 29, and although his ERA and WHIP are high he has pitched well in the past month.   He throws strikes but has a tendency to yield home runs, although some of those will be long outs at AT and T Park.  I think a team can control him through next year, and although the Diamondbacks are going to want a little bit more from a trading partner in their division, I still think he could be had relatively cheaply.   The trading deadline is 1pm PDT Friday.  Tick, tock, tick, tock.

               P.P.S.    So migratory birds provide the latest hurdle in the 49er stadium plan for Santa Clara.  It seems they nest near the Stadium site, which could affect construction.  It’s already an iffy proposition to ask Santa Clara voters to commit more than 100-million dollars worth of funds to a stadium.  With each new glitch, the team is more likely to head south out of San Francisco — to Los Angeles.  When people such as Al Michaels don’t rule it out, you shouldn’t either.

                P.P.P.S.   Speaking of birds, a little one tells me the Belinelli-for-George and 1.5 mill trade will allow the Warriors to re-sign C.J. Watson.  If that’s true, I’d rather have Watson than Belinelli.  C.J. stood for “clutch jumper” last season and he’s a very serviceable backup.  Not that it matters.  The Lakers bring back Odom and added Artest.   Jack will be back in the front row for the 2010 NBA finals. 

               P. P.P.P.S.     Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards, the Los Gatos product out of Stanford, is my new best friend.  On PTI today they aired a video of Edwards’ first pitch at a Toronto Blue Jays game.   The throw was way worse than mine, about 9 feet short and 5 feet wide, and this from an NFL quarterback.  In fact, he was on his way to Mariah Careyville with that toss.   To be fair, he says he threw a perfect strike at another first pitch ceremony later on.  Maybe I’ll get another opportunity somewhere, someday.  OK, my nap might not be over, I’m still dreaming.


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