Would You Let Lincecum Date Your Girlfriend?

August 13

              The adoration of The Freak has reached insane levels.  Not that adoration, in and of itself, is a bad thing, but now it has come to this:  I saw a guy at Wednesday’s Giants game with a sign reading “I’d Let Lincecum Date My Girlfriend.”

              Of course the guy’s girlfriend is probably already getting with Ed Monix.  ( You’d have to see “Semi-Pro” to get that joke. ) 

              The question was tossed around the KNBR bullpen yesterday: would you?  Every guy there quickly agreed :  “hell no ! ”  Not even a chance to touch the Cy Young Award would tempt these guys to farm out their girlfriend — the ones that had one. 

               The question was open to women, too, it being San Francisco and all.  It would be interesting to see if a female of that persuasion would let her partner cross over.  That’s where it might get down to semantics : “define date.”

               I recused myself from the debate since I am married, but if I was still dating my wife it would have to be very early in the relationship to allow the Franchise to make an overture.  Of course, there would be a bit of an age gap.  Awkward!

               Naturally, the guy in the stands yesterday was kidding ( wasn’t he? ) , but whatever admiration flows through the stands is doubled in the clubhouse.  Word was that before yesterday’s finale with the Dodgers Lincecum assured his teammates they didn’t have to worry about this game.  Save for the umpires, they didn’t have to.

               Lincecum is the biggest sports star in the Bay Area, but he is more than a kid in a wool cap who is a laid-back dude.  He is a once-in-a-generation pitcher, the best the Giants have had since Juan Marichal.   Also, don’t buy the laid-back countenance.  Anyone who saw him after Gary Darling’s final blown call in the 9th inning knows otherwise.

                 You have the perfect convergence of a unique, repeatable delivery, two or more “plus” pitches, a fiery competitor, a good teammate,  and someone who’s getting paid a fraction of Barry Zito’s contract.  Someone who is under the Giants’ control  for several more years.

                The Giants will need to clear out some salaries in the coming years because Lincecum might win record amounts in arbitration.   They should try to lock him up long-term but it might not be in his best interests to agree to a deal now.  When 2013 comes around it’ll be interesting to see where the Giants are, and Lincecum’s physical state.

                In the meantime, enjoy the Freak Show.  But don’t let him date your girlfriend.  I believe he’s in a committed relationship anyway.

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