This Is Not Good, Folks

September 28

             Duane Kuiper’s now-famous call of the still-painful Ryan Spilborghs grand slam might also apply to the Warriors’ ominous Media Day.

             Anyone who thought Stephen Jackson was going to put on a happy face received a taser shot to the neck this afternoon.  Jackson made it clear he still wants to be traded, refusing to back off his comments in New York last month.  Jackson wouldn’t say the words “I want to be traded” again, hoping to avoid another 25-thousand-dollar NBA fine, but he expressed no regrets about making those remarks..

             Jackson says he’s dismayed at the decline of the franchise since the “We Believe” days of 2007, which now seem like last century.  Jackson says he wants to win, and he apparently has no hope the Warriors will turn it around anytime soon.  Some might call Jackson a malcontent, others would say realistic. 

            Coach Don Nelson said Friday they’d try to accomodate him, but they’re not giving away the farm.  At the least, they might have to give away a barn and two good milking cows.  Jackson’s big contract will not be easy to move but apparently the Knicks aren’t totally averse to teaming him with his old buddy Al Harrington.  New York … hmmm … we’ll see if Jackson really wants to win.

             Monta Ellis came with a basketful of Mums for Warriors management at Media Day.  He told reporters that teaming him with Monta Ellis in the backcourt can’t work if the Warriors want to win.  Ellis, told that the Warriors think it can work, said “they say we can?  Yeah.  If they say it.  But we can’t.”  He inferred that Curry doesn’t have the size or experience of a Baron Davis.

             Gee, I thought Larry Riley and Don Nelson pulled that burr out of Monta’s saddle this spring.  Sounds like somebody is still upset that somebody drafted a certain guard.  Monta, already pouty about his suspension and fine for the moped mishap last year, is still having a frowny-face day.

             This team has some interesting young talent in Ellis, Anthony Randolph, and Andris Biedrins.  Maybe not a playoff team, but an improvement over last year’s face-plant.  What we learned on Media Day is that Warriors headquarters is apparently located directly above Mt. Etna.

             This is not good, folks.


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