Gus Johnson Nabbed By PC Police

November 4

              CBS broadcaster Gus Johnson is doing the Nnamdi Asomugha back-pedal today, but he shouldn’t.

             Johnson had to apologize for his call of a touchdown run by Titans running back Chris Johnson Sunday.  Nobody does crazed excitement better than Gus, who said Chris Johnson had “getting away from the cops speed.”     You knew the PC police would be on Gus Johnson’s tail, and he would not get away.

             Some of my tight-sphinctered brethren in the blogosphere have pooh-pooh’d Johnson’s remark.  They complained that Johnson was not facing public opporbrium ( if I can steal from the Raiders’ news release ) because both he and the player are African-American.  They said if a white broadcaster such as Jim Nantz or Joe Buck made that remark they would face the wrath of hell.

              They’re right about one thing:  Nantz and Buck would face the wrath, because it would have been awkward.  Actually, it would have worked if Nantz said, “he’s got running away from the divorce lawyers speed.”  Maybe it was a contrived attempt by Gus Johnson to bring something new into the lexicon, but he can at least pull it off.

              You know what? I laughed at Johnson’s remark.  As someone who has getting caught by the cops speed, I thought it was great imagery.

              It would have only been offensive if Chris Johnson actually faced trouble with the law.  To my knowledge, he hasn’t.  It would have been offensive if he said Pacman Jones had “getting away from the cops speed.”

              Gus Johnson was forced to issue an apology, and he went right to the handbook.  “If there is a perception of racism in this analogy, it is not coming from me.  People of all races have run from the law.  However, to those who are offended, I apologize.”

              It was the classic apology-that-really-isn’t.  That’s okay by me.  As far as I’m concerned, he could have replaced the last line with, “to those who are offended, get a life.”  Actually, he could have left out “people of all races have run from the law.”  That’s bad imagery.

              I have a question for the PC police who monitor every slip of the tongue, coast to coast:  what have you actually done to help human relations?  Aside from a sharply-worded tsk-tsk behind your dirty little keyboard, what have you done? 

              I think we know the answer to those questions.   It’s always easier to find fault in someone else to build yourself up.  In fact, in the Internet age, it’s the national pastime.

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