From Fessing Up To F’ing Up

January 11

Well, it’s finally happening. Not exactly the way we suggested, but it’s happening. Mark McGwire is fessing up. Sort of …

UPDATE: McGwire is letting the ball go right through his legs in an interview with Bob Costas on MLB Network. McGwire is insuring that this won’t go away by failing to acknowledge steroids helped him hit more home runs.

It was only because of technique that he hit all those homers? So, now fewer home runs are being hit in baseball because players don’t know good technique anymore? Puh-leeeeez.

Why say you wish the steroid era never happened if you only juiced to help you recover? Why say you regret the era? Why say the Maris family was disappointed to hear your admission, and you don’t blame them?

Did he really say he took “low dosages?” Did he really talk about Legion Ball home runs he hit at age 15? Gak.

McGwire had a chance to wipe away the memory of the uncomfortable 2005 Congressional hearing today. Instead, it was another painful p.r. gaffe. He has just poured kerosene on a fire that was only smoldering.

McGwire did this to avoid being a distraction to the Cardinals this year — and perhaps secondarily to help his Hall of Fame chances — and now it’s worse than ever.

America gives guys like McGwire a second chance. It’s the old accusation-admission-absolution trifecta. Instead, he airmailed an easy throw to the plate.

He might have just cost himself his job, never mind Hall of Fame. I still think McGwire was a Hall of Fame-caliber player, but he wouldn’t even get my vote now. I’d refuse to let him in on grounds he insulted my intelligence.

This is not going well for Big Mac. Or for Tony LaRussa.

2 Responses to “From Fessing Up To F’ing Up”

  1. Marty Says:


    He admitted using steroids, a substance that was not banned by baseball at the time. He claims to have used them to recover from injuries ( a common excuse). Of course they helped him hit home runs.

    He has never been great with words, and the Bob Costa interview was no exception. I give Mark McGwire a pass. We all know he used PED’s for many years. If he wants to claim they did not help him, then so be it. Let’s move on and let him become the hitting coach for the Cardinals in peace. The focus should be on the current players and not past.

    Tony LaRussa knew when he hired him that this day would come. They are both big boys and will withstand all media scrutiny.



  2. raywood Says:

    Yes, Marty, but it reflects badly on both of them. Many media outlets are saying McGwire “came clean,” but he really didn’t. Pride won’t let him admit steroids helped him hit home runs. Because baseball didn’t enforce a steroid policy in the 1990’s, I gave McGwire a pass, but if he can’t at least admit his numbers were slightly inflated, he’s lost me. He has had plenty of time to craft a statement, and he failed on the most important point.

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