Random Notes In A Nyquil-Induced Haze

January 22

We’ve been going light on the blogging this week. I felt it wouldn’t be wise to blog under the influence of Nyquil. Of course, according to those who oppose my Bonds over Mays stance, I’m already BUI.


And now the answer to our brain-teaser from earlier this week: Player A is Willie Mays. Player B is Barry Bonds. Bet you didn’t know that as a center fielder, Bonds would be BETTER than Mays at holding runners from taking an extra base, and FAR BETTER than the league average for his position. I’ll cut Mays a bit of a break for playing several years in the cavernous Polo Grounds center field area.

But then, I bet you didn’t know Bonds would ALSO be better than the league average at throwing out runners and holding runners as a left fielder. This is the danger of using one play to label a guy, the infamous three-hopper that ushered the Braves into the 1991 World Series. Facts are a terrible thing; they ruin our childhood fairy tales.

The more I research this, the more correct I become. I feel like Copernicus. Willie is no longer the center of the baseball universe. Believe it or not, it doesn’t make me happy, because I loved Willie, too.


I’m still laughing about the Tony Bruno segment Thursday on the all-white basketball league this guy in Georgia wants to start. Not everyone was laughing, though. Some callers (who were screened out like Kevin Love by Eamonn ) actually wanted to see the “no streetball” league. Others were offended we would joke about this publicity-seeking racist.

Child, please.

Fortunately most people got it … and Gary and Tony did what they do best; tear it down with satire. It was a classic.

Thanks to Tony, your KBA ( Klan Basketball Association ) teams might include the Alameda Albinos (Johnny and Edgar Winter, owners), the Augusta Masters ( Hootie Johnson, owner ) , the Savannah Segregationists ( Lester Maddox, owner ), the Little Rock Rebels ( Orval Faubus, owner ).

No truth to the rumor players will be paid with Confederate money.


This is not good, folks.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy told Jon Miller on the Giants Hot Stove show Thursday night on KNBR that Freddy Sanchez has undergone left shoulder surgery and could miss the start of the season. Bochy says it was arthroscopic surgery, after Sanchez underwent knee surgery in early October. Apparently Sanchez started working out again and the shoulder flared up.

Here’s hoping he’s not the Giants version of Eric Chavez, since he just signed a two-year, 12 million dollar contract. The Giants have a little egg on their faces now, depending on how long Sanchez is out. I’m wiping a little yolk from my nose, too, since I supported re-signing this guy. We’ll see, said the Zen Master.

However, this points out the wisdom of signing both Juan Uribe and Mark De Rosa as well. They could be the Giants’ keystone this season if Edgar Renteria doesn’t bounce back from shoulder surgery. This might not be a bad thing, after all.


Hoo boy, even my dear wife is giving me flak now. She thought I was being too hard on Tiger Wednesday when I ripped his apparent sex rehab visit as “a crock.” I was simply following up on Drew Remenda’s chat with Gary, in which Drew pointed out that going to sex rehab might be a cop-out. He thought Tiger was looking for a way to remove culpability, and become a victim of something beyond his control.

Even Gary wondered if I was being a bit harsh. Maybe I was. Maybe Tiger IS owning up to his problem by seeking rehab, or maybe Elin made him go. Who knows? All I know is this didn’t seem to be a problem for Tiger before Thanksgiving weekend.

Anyway, I should go back to my original statement: it’s really none of my business.


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