This Is Really Happening (?)

January 28

It’s all over the internet now, and I can’t make this up. Several news sources say Elin Nordegren spent the night at Brett Favre’s house while visiting Tiger Woods at the Mississippi rehab clinic. It’s just too perfect: ESPN will have about 40 trucks down there by Friday. Now all we need is Tom Brady and Giselle to show up.

The word from the “New York Daily News,” taken from an upcoming issue of “Us Weekly” is that Elin’s been hanging out down south. No, Elin and Brett aren’t hooking up, just a friendly visit. I’m guessing Elin would intercept any of his passes, although
Favre did sing “Pants on the Ground” after General Larry Platt visited the Vikings last week. ( insert rim shot )

The more you think about this harmonic news convergence of epic proportions, the more it makes sense. Where else is Elin going to stay in Mississippi? On the sports celebrity circuit, Tiger and Favre have probably met up at some point, or their managers have.

All this assumes that Tiger is actually there ( we only have a photo of a guy that looks llike Tiger ), that Elin is actually there, and that it’s true Elin really wants to save their marriage. The reports say Elin was spotted around Hattiesburg, which is like spotting me on Rodeo Drive.

Again, what they do is their business, but I’m frankly amazed if Elin wants to stay after all that humiliation. Apparently she likes the Gravy Train, although regardless of how this turns out she won’t be poor. Naturally it’s always better to try to save a marriage, even in extreme cases, but we’ll see what’s really true.

The other interesting part of the US Weekly report, according to the Daily News, is that Tiger has the itch. Not to find a chick, but to hit a golf ball. He’s used to a routine, and that’s out the window.

This week is the first time Tiger is really missed on the PGA Tour. The Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines is the first tournament at which he would be expected to show. Even his rival Phil Mickelson says golf needs him to come back.

I would still be willing to bet whatever I have in my wallet ( $38 currently ) that Tiger is back by the Masters. The Public agrees with me. British bookie William Hill cut the odds for Tiger playing at the Masters from 4-6 to 1-4. That means a $4 bet returns $5. Whoopee.

Hill also puts the odds of Tiger winning the Masters at 5-2. This is not news. He’ll be the favorite until he proves otherwise. However, he’s knocked off his skis right now. How he gets back on, and when, will be one of the big stories of 2010.

It’s the story that just keeps on giving. Now let’s go to Rachelle Nichols at the Hattiesburg Winn-Dixie, where Elin was spotted buying some Moon Pies …

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  1. Robert Feeley Says:

    Clinton to Present Tiger Woods With “Piece” Prize:

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