Hot Stove Nuggets

November 24

And a very happy Big Bird day to you all …

It’s going to be a Thong Party at Aubrey Huff’s house. I have to admit I was a bit surprised that he got $22 million guaranteed, basically ten million a year. That’s more than I thought he would get.

However, it is close to market value for a first baseman with his numbers and for someone who finished seventh in the MVP balloting. If it’s true another club made a similar offer, the Giants had to match to bring him back. Unlike past signings of middle-aged free agents, the Giants know Huff has a track record at AT and T Park; I’d say getting a ring is a pretty good track record.

Bringing Huff back was one of the top priorities of the off-season for the Giants. He was a steal last year at $3 million for the production and leadership he brought, not to mention the versatility to play both first base and outfield. With Pablo Sandoval’s status uncertain the Giants needed Huff’s left-handed bat, and I think he has at least one more good year left.

Huff came into the KNBR studios Tuesday evening and was engaging and laid-back, just like you would expect him to be. I’d have to say it was a good day for him.


As we have blogged previously, Juan Uribe has to be first or second on the priority list, but Uribe’s deal will take longer because more teams are apparently competing for his services, compared to Huff. Given the doubts about Sandoval and Mark DeRosa, it would be nice to sign Uribe AND bring in another shortstop to have all the bases ( pun intended ) covered.

I’d be OK with the Giants trading for Jason Bartlett; I don’t think his price is too high.

F.P. threw out the possibility of Derek Jeter today — a good talk show topic but even F.P. acknowledged it probably ain’t gonna happen. I wouldn’t mind having Jeter on the team, although I think he’s been over-rated defensively for years. I think he’s still capable of bouncing back from an “off” season at the plate and he would make a good Giant — but not in his price range. I can stomach Uribe for much less, and Uribe has two rings himself.

With Buster Posey and Cody Ross ( who will be a Giant, rest assured ), and Andres Torres leading off, the Giants 2011 Opening Day lineup is already better than the 2010 version. Pat Burrell is a “back-burner” issue but will probably come back for a reasonable price and star most games until Brandon Belt is ready.

Belt had a good Arizona Fall League campaign and although Bruce Bochy doesn’t get too excited, you know the Giants think they have something special when Bochy says Belt will have a chance to win a job right out of spring training. If he’s as good as advertised, he could very well be Posey version 2011. If Sandoval can come back fitter and somewhere close to Panda version 2009 — that’s a pretty damn good lineup.


Depending on how you’re scoring, we were either 7 for 8, or 8 for 8 on the postseason hardware scoreboard.

Every thing we said came true with the possible exception of AL Manager of the Year. I favored Ron Washington of the Rangers but on the eve of the award I posted on Facebook the likelihood that Ron Gardenhire of the Twins would edge Wash out. That’s what happened.

If it was Saturday morning golf, I’d give myself a “bump” to a better lie and count it. But let’s split the baby and say I got a hat size … 7 1/2.


It’s really worth stopping to consider Josh Hamilton’s story once again. Five years ago he was out of baseball and dealing with drug rehab. Now he’s AL MVP.

There will be a Ginger Ale party at Josh’s house tonight. What a tremendous story of redemption, and of victory against the demons that by his own admission plague him every day. I hope the story continues down the same happy path.

Once his playing days are done, Josh could make a lot of money from the movie about his life story.


There was a bit of controversy this week on Gary Radnich’s show, regarding a lady who drove all the way from Rocklin and handed Gary a CD in the lobby. First of all, Gary was glad it was only a CD. Then we played the song.

It was about Edgar Renteria, to the tune of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” It wasn’t good. In fact, I crushed the song.

My take was this: I didn’t care if she drove from Wyoming, the song was lame. Gary felt that was a little harsh, and apparently some e-mailers did as well. One, who I’m sure is more “cool” than I am, felt that Mike Hohler and I were ripping the song because WE wanted to seem more cool than we were.

First of all, if I ever, EVER, worry about how cool I am; I’m a tool, not cool. My reaction was honest, it was not a “bit”. I thought it just wasn’t good music, and many people agreed with me.

Second of all, bless her heart for thinking of us and recording the song. I’m pretty sure she had the best of intentions. But if you are going to call attention to yourself by driving down to deliver a CD, you’d better be prepared for any reaction. I’m not going to say a song is good if it isn’t.

We have received tons of songs by jubilant Giants fans, both during and after the team’s postseason run. Some are good and others are crap. I’m going to call them as I hear them — but thanks for the effort.


One Response to “Hot Stove Nuggets”

  1. Ken Astorg Says:

    I love the song. At least as much as I could hear without Gary’s interuptions. Is there anyway it could be put on the KNBR website? I would love to download it.

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