Let The Games Begin

January 3

It will be forgotten in Stanford’s vaporization of Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl, but the Cardinal only led 13-12 at the half. Then Jim Harbaugh and company did something 49ers fans wouldn’t recognize from this year’s coaching staff — they made halftime adjustments.

The Cardinal ran through, and flew over the Hokies for a 40-12 win. Apparently Va Tech couldn’t stop the ground game all year, because Stanford picked up huge chunks of yardage. Apparently Va Tech doesn’t bother covering a tight end, because Coby Fleener was defended as if he was wearing a suit of angry hornets.

All the ESPN wags picked the Hokies because nobody bothers to pay attention to West Coast teams ( in any sport — see the World Series ). A Pac Ten team put the beatdown on an ACC team. Just how good is Oregon, the only team to beat Stanford this year ?

And now, the games really begin.

You will hear dozens of reports and counter-reports about where Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck will go, or whether they will go. You will hear hundreds of guesses, uneducated and otherwise. And from the first grade onward, we have always loved to connect the dots.

I read an interesting article tonight about the apparent connection between Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh. David White of the “Chronicle” pointed out they share an agent, David Dunn. Also, Harbaugh and Baalke have apparently met up a few times in the last few years.

Of course, Dunn has many clients, including Jason Garrett. Also, just because Harbaugh and Baalke have some kind of relationship, it doesn’t mean there’s a “quid pro quo”, in which hiring one will bring the other. However, there may be a “sympatico” between the two that could bring Harbaugh 30 miles north ( or 10 miles south, if you’re talking about 49er headquarters. ).

My guess is Baalke is named ‘Niners GM this week, Harbaugh goes to the NFL, quite possibly to the 49ers or Broncos, and Andrew Luck goes to the NFL if Harbaugh leaves.

Hey, my guesses are as good as yours. Stay tuned.

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