Wish I Could Ignore It

January 11

I broke my own rule in handicapping the BCS “National Title” game. I listened to the experts. Also, I paid attention to Vegas.

With two of the top-scoring teams in college football squaring off, a track meet was expected. Vegas usually gets it right, and they had the over/under in the 70’s. With the possibility of overtime it looked like a cinch.

Mmmmm …not so much. Auburn beats Oregon on a last-second field goal, 22-19. A game that actually leaked into the wee hours of January 11, Eastern Time.

Oregon and Auburn are used to fine-tuned, up-tempo offenses, but that’s tougher to do when you have a six-week layoff. College football’s nominal national championship game keeps moving closer and closer to Valentine’s Day.

With a six-week layoff, you get disjointed football not worthy of a national stage. That’s what you get from the money-grubbers who dominate college football.

( Before Wes Byrum’s winning chippy, did Brent Musburger really say, “this one’s for all the Tostitos?” Yes he did. Corporate America’s hold on this “pure” sport played by young men is complete. )

I have taken to heart two slogans when it comes to college football: “Death to the BCS” ( thank you, Dan Wetzel ), and “done by 1/1.”

Little by little, college football has oozed over into the New Year, trying harder and harder to grab more and more of the national spotlight. Little by little, credulity is strained when college officials feign concern for the students’ testing schedule.

Yet, lower levels of college football have a playoff system and except for the FCS, get done by 1/1. Don’t tell me it can’t be done.

With apologies to those fighting hunger and other bowls whose directors earn several hundred thousand per year to do God Knows What, college football will remain a sham until there is a playoff system, and until it’s done in a timely fashion. You can have a playoff, you can the Ped Egg Bowl or whatever they’re calling the Bowl in Mobile, Alabama these days, and you can get it done by the first weekend of the new year.

In full disclosure, I actually broke my own rule by watching this game.

I really like watching college football because of the different offenses and the emotion of the players. But I really, really, really didn’t want to watch ANY bowl games. I had to because it was a professional responsibility.

In a perfect world, we would all ignore every bowl game, especially the propped-up “National Title” — and with no ratings, college football would be forced to adopt a playoff system to renew fan interest.

I have a dream. Then again, college football would still be dirty with a playoff. You’d still have the absurd contradiction of gray-haired men in oddly-colored coats with a slight twang in their voice, hailing the purity of competition among spirited young men.

You’ll still have coaches with a slight twang in their voice praising God in victory. You’d still have hot blonde sideline reporters interviewing losing coaches in hushed tones as if their dog just died.

On second thought, ban it all from TV. Either that, or be honest and treat it like the professional sport it is.

Congratulations Auburn. Let’s see how long you can keep the “crystal ball” before you go on probation.

2 Responses to “Wish I Could Ignore It”

  1. Ray Herrera Says:

    Good Morning Ray,

    Great stuff…I have a question regarding an upcoming promotion with S.Curry of the Warriors this coming weekend. What it possible to let me know what time and if there’s a autograph fee for Mr. Curry’s appearance which I believe is at home depot in san carlos.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to any information that is provided…

    Ray H.

  2. Richard near Sebastopol Says:

    This year, I watched exactly 2 segments of 2 bowls – the last 10 minutes of the Rose bowl (I can’t resist the Rose Bowl, even without a Pac-10 team) and the last 5 minutes of Auburn-Oregon. I have never watched less bowl football in my life.

    The BCS needs to get rid of about 30 Bowls, and establish an 8 Team playoff system that either has the Championship or Semi-Finals (or both) at the Rose Bowl.

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