He’s Your Daddy

January 15

Antonio Cromartie trying to recall the names and ages of his children is both funny and sad. It’s an infamous segment on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” and was the subject of much debate on Gary Radnich’s show Friday on KNBR.

Gary’s take: HBO was trying to make Cromartie look bad, and they took advantage of an obviously dumb guy who apparently doesn’t know what a zipper is for. Gary claims HBO wouldn’t ask that of Brett Favre.

My take: Maybe the HBO staffer who asked the question just simply saw a point of interest in Cromartie’s massive family tree. That person may or may not have been trying to embarrass Cromartie — but it’s possible HBO just wanted to put the segment out there without judging him, letting the rest of us judge.

Also, I guarantee you Brett Favre would’ve been asked the same thing, because everything Brett Favre does is apparently fascinating to the likes of ESPN. While Cromartie doesn’t know what a zipper is for, Favre doesn’t have a clear concept on the proper use of a cell phone. So if he had several baby mommas, why wouldn’t the media scrutinize him ?

I’m not going to make assumptions on Cromartie’s intelligence or HBO’s motives. All I know is that he has extraordinary swimmers, and he’s going to be picked on Sunday after calling Tom Brady an a-hole.

Obviously, HBO did make Cromartie look bad. He’s the butt of Breeders Cup jokes, and we filled half a talk show because of his overactive libido. But it’s a stretch to claim that HBO was just trying to do a hit piece on Cromartie.

Cromartie didn’t have to agree to go on tape. He stuck his foot in his mouth, not HBO. This might not have been a reporter trying to grill him, but rather a production assistant trying to put a spotlight on a player who is, to put it mildly, interesting.

Now, I’m not going to tell Cromartie what to do. He can live his life as he wishes, if he’s going to own up to the consequences. But it’s not HBO’s fault that he has an overdose of drama in his life.

Is it none of our business ? He could say so, but he’s been hit with several paternity suits, and the Jets gave him a 500-thousand dollar advance so he could make outstanding child support payments. Those are some serious consequences.

The women involved with Cromartie aren’t blameless. It’s happened before — women with financial motives lure an athlete into bed.

It’s at least useful to focus on a guy who has been given a lifestyle only a few of us can imagine, yet has made some regrettable life choices. Maybe it’s a cautionary tale for misguided young men who are thinking about hitting everything that moves. Or, maybe those misguided young men think it’s all pretty cool.

Cromartie is a married man now, so maybe — maybe — his days of being an out-of-wedlock progenitor are over. Hopefully he not only remembers the names of his kids but financially supports them. And then, at some point, he might decide that a little procedure on the vas deferens might be a good idea.

Shawn Kemp and Travis Henry say yes.

2 Responses to “He’s Your Daddy”

  1. Jim from Napa Says:

    Don’t forget Harold Minor and so many others. We have the highest STD and single mother rate of any first world country in history under the age of 30 and it’s scary.

    Forget that; any man that can use progenitor and vas deferens in the same paragraph is too smart for sports media.

  2. Richard near Sebastopol Says:

    Sean Kemp might be Antonio Cromartie’s daddy, right?

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