No More Drama

August 9

Maybe it’s the Dog Days of August. Maybe it’s the economy. Whatever it is, drama abounds lately. We spend more time talking about what people said, less about what they did.

On Friday, there was the infamous Tony Bruno tweet. Then Steve Williams drops a v-bomb on Tiger. Then Aaron Rowand gets in trouble for what he DIDN’T say.

Sheesh. I know sports is the Toy Department. I didn’t know we were covering lunchtime with the girls at the Junior High quad.

Look, I get it. We get into this stuff because sports is ultimately about human beings and how they react to stress. As fellow humans, we feel qualified to weigh in. In fact, our daily stress is often more serious; it just doesn’t get the media spotlight.

Here’s the Readers Digest version of my takes on these topics:

Bruno tweet was wrong, and inaccurate. His apology-turned-attack was very disappointing. In my experience he’s been a good guy and I saw no evidence he was a racist, but even good guys do dumb things. He needs to wear this one, and his one week suspension is appropriate, but I don’t think he should be cut loose.

Williams’ rant was borderline hilarious. Whether or not he’s played golf before ( and he was once a very good golfer ) he didn’t swing a single club at Firestone, and barely mentioned Adam Scott. He has now admitted his reaction was “over the top,” brought on by his excitement at winning on Scott’s bag. However, he and Scott seemed to have helped each other, and the rant does make the PGA this week even more spicy.

Sun-Times interview with Rowand by Joe Cowley ends in such as way that you wonder if Rowand isn’t happy wearing a uniform with “San Francisco” on the front. I think follow-up questions were needed, and as a result left a smoldering fire Rowand had to put out Tuesday. His defense was a bit weak, saying he thought the interview was about football and Chicago, but he’s a conscientious dude and I think he deserves a pass on this one. It bothered me more that Rowand counts A.J. Pierzynski as a friend. I just wish he’d change the batting stance and stop waiving at slop low-and-away.

In fact, I wish that for the entire Giants’ offense. At least advance a damn baserunner.

Here’s what I think is happening:

A) The obvious: most of Giants’ top hitters are gone.

B) Hitting problems made worse by run of tough opposing pitchers.

C) Everyone is trying to do too much, creating anxiety at plate.

D) Offense can improve only a bit, unless hitters are changed.

E) The Giants are still in 1st, but offense puts them in peril.

F) Thank goodness they’re in a division of trolls.

Felt good to end this blog discussing something that is actually going on in the field of play.

Now, back to people talking. Will L.A. get a new stadium before Santa Clara ? The city council in Nuestro Puebla de la Reina approved a downtown stadium plan if an NFL team commits to moving. My source in L.A. city government says Chargers are the first choice.

That’s no fun: a return of the Raiders to their gangland kindred spirits would be much more fun for the media to cover. Maybe THAT’s where they should build a shared stadium.

Alright, time to check Wall Street. Now where was my duffel bag full o’cash ?

3 Responses to “No More Drama”

  1. Jim from Napa Says:

    thank the living God for some sanity; nice Ray.

    I was doing late night reports and was listening to Tony’s show when it happened, and he was very apologetic and humble on air. I still have the podcast and listened to it again. He said he was angry at himself and apologized 3 or 4 times. I was also online as well. Giant fans poured onto his site with some of the most vile and evil comments I’ve heard in a while. Some in the SF media said the opposite.

    It’s cool to be cynical; I lead the league in that; but to be darn right mean and evil is sad.

    Some threatened him, his family, and add that with racial slurs and it was the worst online stuff I’ve seen in a long time. Tony seemed very bitter. He had a young hispanic broadcaster on his show last week trying to get the person over; something he’s done in the past; and he felt betrayed I think because he loved KNBR and the fans and he’s shown a lot of love to hispanics, me being one of them.

    His apology was rough but people didn’t listen to the show and just read the apology so they thought he was a jerk. I don’t throw anyone under the bus for one stupid statement, or I’d be under a train.

    A friend of mine that had lunch with Tony said he was very upset at leaving KNBR because he loved the staff and the callers. He also didn’t like that Lee Hammer was getting beaten on by some when it wasn’t Lee that really pulled the plug.

    There is a group of about 12 of us from Napa; mostly business owners; and for the first time since college, we’ve decided to try out some other shows during the day while working. I love Gary and I like change but it’s just too much bad joo joo for us. We’re nobodies so it’s not like we will be missed. lol

    I listen to tom and ralph at times and you at night and just try to participate enough so as not to be stealing.

    Thanks Again Ray; you are the Ted Robinson of KNBR. Great job as always and sorry for the long winded note.

  2. grumpy Says:

    Rowand was blindsided by the follow-up question,or should I say ‘change-up’ from Chicago to Giants.He wasn’t thinking. Its like being asked what was your best experience with a woman to a married man. If you say Susie in high school,its best to follow with , “but I must say that my wife couldn’t be better”. Duh! He got too wrapped up in the experience of “goosebumps of putting on a Chicago shirt”. Frankly, I could care less,its all media crapola. Just hit the damn ball. As far as Bruno,he’s a narsissist, as the job requires, & let out a stupid remark which I’m sure happens frequently in private also.He’s been paddled by public opinion & hope he learns the lesson,or maybe he will end up like Dr. Laura.
    Now go do the right thing.

  3. grumpy Says:

    Giants 8-10-11 game w/ Pirates. I cringed when I heard that Sanchez was pitching,kinda like with Zeto. The last time he pitched,you could see on his face the problem,like he was not ready. After a great game last night,the momentum is smashed in the first 3-innings.I had the feeling that Sanchez just didn’t want to be on stage he seems ‘limp’ with no fire. What the hell was management thinking. NOT! Sandie has the fire on the team yet sometimes it seems like he’s swatting at flies in a deli.

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